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Design Awards 2018

One of the most prestigious events in the Portsmouth Society’s programme is the Annual Design Awards – Wednesday 24th October 7pm Royal Maritime Club. Our President, Dr Celia Clark, will present the judges’ considerations on the buildings and landscapes completed before the end of 2017 that have reached the necessary criteria for each category. Photos and expert opinion of the judges provide an interesting and engaging lecture on architecture and design requirements for renovations, new-builds and landscape projects in Portsmouth. The Oscar-style evening culminates in the presentation of awards and certificates to winners and runners-up, so put on your best outfits to come and enjoy this special event.

Celia is joined by Ruth Butler, RIBA (Ruth Butler Architects, Emsworth), Martin Critchley, RIBA (Martin Critchley Architecture and Design, Havant) and Peter Stevens (Hunters South Architects, Chichester).